Invoice submission for contractors of local authorities or public authorities in Baden-Württemberg

Here you can upload electronic invoices to local authorities or public authorities in Baden-Württemberg. The requirements for this are:

  • A permitted invoice format: XRechnung, EN16931, ZUGFeRD 2.0-2.1.1
  • A buyer reference ('Leitweg-ID'): You will receive this from the person or body contracting you

Please observe the terms of use.

Ihre E-Rechnung konnte nicht entgegengenommen werden. Grund dafür war:

  • The uploaded file must not be larger than 15 MB.
Drag and drop a file to upload (max 15 MB) from your desktop here, or

Would you prefer to email your invoice? Send only one invoice per email to Invoices must be in the permitted format. Do not enter any text into your email or attach any other files.

If sending by email, ensure you review the response email. You can find more information in the help document for sending invoices by email.

You want to upload the invoice via PEPPOL? Please contact the invoice recipient and ask for the PEPPOL ID.

Would you like to check that your invoice meets the acceptance requirements?
Use our validator

For questions as an invoice issuer, please contact the service hotline: 0711/21 844 599