Course orientation process

Prospective students of higher education institutions in Baden-Württemberg are required to go through an orientation process. This process should give those interested in the course, the possibility to get information on suitable fields of study and support them in choosing their course of study. Special attention will be paid to the individual’s interests and abilities as well as combining them with the corresponding fields of study.

There are different orientation processes, such as e.g. tests or counselling interviews. All applicants for a place of study are obliged to go through an orientation process. The Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst provides an online test, which can be used by the higher education institutions in the orientation process. After completing the tests, a certificate of participation (without test results on the content) is awarded, which you can attach to your application for a place of study.

Note: Please ask your future higher education institution whether the certificate of participation in the orientation test is recognised as proof that you have gone through the orientation process.

There is a special orientation test for course orientation for future teacher training students, which takes the requirements of the teaching profession into consideration. The orientation process, which is carried out by means of this test, is obligatory.

There are no assigned electronic applications available.

Release note

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