Self-employment online

Please enter the business you want to take up and pursue, and the town or the municipality, in which it should take place. On the page displayed next you will find out what you have to do exactly for your business, what rights and obligations you have, what else you have to take into consideration and which single point of contact you may get in touch with if you require further support. Under "Procedure" you will find descriptions on the most important administrative services in your situation with information on procedures, required documents, deadlines, costs and legal basis

You can start the required procedures directly on the screen. Click "To the electronic procedure management" in the description of the service you have entered.

If you cannot find the business you require, please enter the term "Sonstige" ("miscellaneous") and also your target location in the corresponding field. The system will then display the responsible single point of contact, who you can contact with your request.


Step 1: Job